Decriminalization of Marijuana:

Pennsylvania already treats the possession of a small amount of Marijuana as an ungraded misdemeanor, with the penalties being less severe than those associated with most traffic tickets. The problem is that it is a misdemeanor which will appear on an individual's record, and carries a six month loss of driver's license privileges.


We are working hard to change the laws, but until this is done make sure that you contact the Law Office of Alan Michael Ross for representation should you be charged with these offenses.

Growing and Selling Marijuana or Manufacturing Controlled Substance:

It's illegal to grow marijuana, whether for personal use or with intent to sell. Therefore, evidence of growing marijuana plants can bring a charge of drug cultivation.

It's also illegal to produce illegal drugs that require chemicals and equipment to manufacture, such as methamphetamine and Ecstasy. Large amounts of the chemicals required to make certain drugs and the lab equipment required are often enough evidence to bring a charge of manufacturing.

Most cultivation and manufacturing charges carry an inherent intent to sell along with them.

Probably the most series drug-related charge is drug-trafficking, which is nothing more than a charge that claims a person is distributing drugs in one way or another. It covers the transport of drugs from one place to another, importing drugs from another country, and selling drugs. A drug trafficking charge can apply to a person who sells a small amount of an illegal drug as well as a large, organized drug cartel.

The penalties for drug trafficking depend on the amount of the drug, the type of drug, whether or not the drug has been sold to (or trafficked by) minors, and the location or locations where the trafficking occurred.

If you have been charged with a drug conspiracy charge, you may be held accountable for the crimes of other parties who were part of the alleged conspiracy.

If you are facing a charge of cultivation, manufacturing, drug-trafficking, or drug conspiracy, you need experienced legal counsel. Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Alan Michael Ross.

Medicinal use of Marijuana:

At the State Capital on April 29, 2009, State Representative, Mark Cohen announced he is introducing legislation (H.B. 1393) that would allow for the use of medical marijuana in Pennsylvania. We strongly support Rep. Cohen and will be providing as much support as is needed to get this bill passed. You can review the actual bill here.